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NPI Lookup Service - NPIdb allows you to perform NPI Lookups of doctors & medical entities. NPI lookup information is produced by the NPI Registry and provided in accordance with the Data Dissemination Notice. The NPI database of health care providers was last updated on Oct 17, 2014 with 4,345,407 records..

NPI lookup

of over 4 million doctors, optomitrists, dentists, surgeons, physicians & health care providers. Includes doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals & more.
Search the NPI Registry for physicians, doctors & health care providers to find their National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.
  NPI Lookup for doctors

U.S. Flag Anyone may request NPIs and other NPPES health care provider data from HHS under the FOIA. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, gives you the right to request access to federal agency records or information. All U.S. government agencies are required to disclose agency records to the public unless the records are protected by one or more of the FOIA's nine exemptions or three exclusions. Copies of the FOIA and 22CFR, part 171 can be accessed through the FOIA/Privacy Act Reference Guide.

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