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Paul Schmidt MD, Neurology, Neurology

A Neurologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles, autonomic nervous system, and blood vessels that relate to these structures.

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Profile for Paul Schmidt (Male)

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NPI Number 1245252444 See Doctor Reviews

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Other Identifier(s) GHI
Full Name

Paul Schmidt

Credentials MD
Mailing Address Confidential
Business Address 3667 NW MEDITERRANEAN LN
JENSEN BEACH, FL 34957-3106

Phone (772) 203-9356
Sole Proprietor No
Enumeration Date 07/24/2006
NPI Info Last Modified 09/10/2014
Additional Specialties
Primary Specialty   Neurology
Doctor Reviews
Comments / Reviews
9/4/2014 - by TRENT DAVIS (Negative)
Inappropriate Content Dr. Schmidt is an excellent Doctor. However, his staff at both his Port Saint Lucie and Stuart Office's in Florida consistently failed to timely schedule Doctor ordered test. And once scheduled his staff at the Stuart office arbitrarily re-schedules one of the tests for the same date, within an hour and a half from each other, at two separate locations, which driven distance is at least 25 minutes away under the best driving conditions. Dr. Schmidt's staff, in my humble opinion, is insensitive to the feels and needs of the patient. And fails to document changes made to patient's appointments. This, in and of itself is indicative of a HIPPA violation. Notwithstanding that, the cavalier attitude of the office coordinator (Kim) is dangerous for the patients under any Doctor's care at the Stuart or Port Saint Lucie Office. For the latter reason, on this date I discontinued my treatment plan with Dr. Schmidt All Potential client BEWARE. Serious healthcare problems can result from an office practice of which I have described above.
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