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Laura Reaven MD, Neurology, Neurology

A Neurologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles, autonomic nervous system, and blood vessels that relate to these structures.

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Profile for Laura Babkes Reaven (Female)

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NPI Number 1427250323 See Doctor Reviews

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Full Name

Laura Babkes Reaven

Credentials MD
Mailing Address Confidential
Business Address 3290 N RIDGE RD
ELLICOTT CITY, MD 21043-3655

Phone (410) 730-6911 Fax (410) 730-1599
Sole Proprietor No
Enumeration Date 06/03/2007
NPI Info Last Modified 11/20/2013
Additional Specialties
Primary Specialty   Neurology
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