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DURHAM LIMITED PARTNERSHIP III, Nursing and Custodial Care Facilities / Skilled Nursing Facility

(1) A skilled nursing facility is a facility or distinct part of an institution whose primary function is to provide medical, continuous nursing, and other health and social services to patients who are not in an acute phase of illness requiring services in a hospital, but who require primary restorative or skilled nursing services on an inpatient basis above the level of intermediate or custodial care in order to reach a degree of body functioning to permit self care in essential daily living. It meets any licensing or certification standards et forth by the jurisdiction where it is located. A skilled nursing facility may be a freestanding facility or part of a hospital that has been certified by Medicare to admit patients requiring subacute care and rehabilitation; (2) Provides non-acute medical and skilled nursing care services, therapy and social services under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse on a 24-hour basis.



NPI Number 1851336754
State Identifier(s) North Carolina Medicaid #3405434
North Carolina Medicare OSCAR Certification #345434
North Carolina Medicare NSC #1214730001
Doing business as CARVER LIVING CENTER
Credentials - Lic #:NH0543 (North Carolina)
Mailing Address Confidential
Business Address 303 E. CARVER STREET
DURHAM, NC 27704-2135

Phone (919) 471-3558 Fax (919) 477-5133
Primary Specialty Nursing and Custodial Care Facilities / Skilled Nursing Facility
Additional Specialties
Last Modified 02/18/2011
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