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SERENITY ACRES TREATMENT CENTER LLC, Residential Treatment Facilities / Substance Abuse Disorder Rehabilitation Facility

A facility or distinct part of a facility that provides a 24 hr therapeutically planned living and rehabilitative intervention environment for the treatment of individuals with disorders in the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and other substances.



NPI Number 1730486275
State Identifier(s)
Credentials - Lic #:904138 (Maryland)
Mailing Address Confidential
Business Address 2015 MARTINS GRANT CT
CROWNSVILLE, MD 21032-1932

Phone (240) 277-4802
Primary Specialty Residential Treatment Facilities / Substance Abuse Disorder Rehabilitation Facility
Additional Specialties
Last Modified 02/18/2011
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Comments / Reviews

10/29/2014 - by ALVNI
I would choose Serenity Acres because it has a relaxed, peaceful environment. This really allowed me to focus on my problems and help me get a level head. It also really helped me find God and really want to be sober for the first time in my life. I am so excited about being sober!

10/23/2014 - by KAT
My increase in self-worth and self-love was the biggest change I made while at Serenity Acres. I also got a better understanding of qualities that are co-dependent and how to seek happiness within and not through external factors. I also know the importance of continuing to seek outside help, such as, therapy, AA meetings, and getting a sponsor. I’m so grateful for all the staff and everything they have taught me.

10/21/2014 - by ANONYMOUS
My counselor at Serenity Acres was the best I have ever had. She helped me with any problem I had. She was also an addict so she could relate and understand me on another level. I loved her and I believe she’s a miracle. My mental health therapist also helped me through a lot of traumatic things and helped me realize it’s not my fault and that I shouldn’t justify other’s actions.

10/16/2014 - by AA
I learned holistic ways to help my recovery and overall health. I was shown different options to improve my mind, body, and spirit. Acupuncture was very beneficial to me because I had never tried it before. I also feel better prepared to face reality and certain situations now that I have been taught the proper tools to use when I am tempted. I feel that I am in a more positive and clear mindset now, than when I first came in. All my experiences at Serenity Acres have changed my outlook on my addiction. I have an open mind and I’m more open to different options to help further my recovery.

10/14/2014 - by ANONYMOUS
My biggest change at Serenity Acres was that I have learned to express my feelings and not hold them in. I learned to talk to others and be ok with my feelings if they are happy, sad, or mad. I also learned how to deal with them without using alcohol. Getting to go to outside meetings at Serenity Acres was a life changing experience for me. I never thought that anyone acted and did the things I did while using. There is a large group of people that did the same things as me or more. This made me feel really comfortable and I felt that I could start talking about me to get things off my chest and confess things I have held deep inside for a really long time. My counselor was great! She had a lot of knowledge and experience, so she related a lot to me and my issues with my wife and family.

10/8/2014 - by TUCKER L
This place is absolutely great at one thing and one thing only. Making the owner a boatload of money. It's nothing more than a persons house. It's a nice house but crowded. If you have trouble with at least 4 people to a room snoring etc don't come here.the medical staff is second rate ,I heard things about one writing scrips to himself but I can't prove that it's just hearsay. The food was average and at times inedible. The couselors are other facilities cast offs, very transient. You are given chores ,dishes,sweeping floors washing things etc. at a place that is touted by the owner as luxury they should clean their own place. Many patients ( mostly young ) have been here a lot. They return over and over and over they aren't getting well but the owner Larry's bank account sure is. If this were a life and death answer and my life depended on a correct one. if asked is there one person,just one still sober that was there when I was was there I would say no with some conviction. This place is kinda like scout camp but way more boring and the scouts are mostly bad kids. People seem to come here out of desperation either to dry out before their next run or they are homeless. With Obama care now many who could not get in before pay 200 bucks for insurance and insurance pays the owner almost 40,000 dollars.good for these kids and great for the owner. Your only way to get around this is to go to a non profit facility like father martins Ashley also in maryland that cares about the patients and not the bottom line. This place is inferior on many levels I could write for an hour but I won't. Do yourself or your family a big favor and go elsewhere if you really want to get well because you won't get it here. Good luck with your sobriety.

9/28/2014 - by ANONYMOUS
As a mother, I was very disappointed with how my child was treated at Serenity Acres. It reminded of buying a car and how the sales staff no longer are willing to help once the sale is final. Initially, I trusted the senior staff. But once my check was cashed, everything changed and my child was treated with neglect, indifference, and unprofessional care. Meaningful communications ceased entirely. I recommend families look elsewhere for a quality treatment center.

4/15/2014 - by BRANDEE
My counselor has made me think about things I never would have done before. He helped me work through things and realize problems in my life that I truly was unaware of. He taught me how to communicate more efficiently, and how to resolve conflict by allowing problems to be resolved in a better format. I would recommend Serenity Acres to anyone! I think it’s a fantastic program and I learned so much about myself in the short amount of time I was there.

4/11/2013 - by NICOLE
The staff was professional and caring. I was struggling and feared for my life. They were able to assist me and my family through this difficult time. I was tired of going in and out of facilities and failing each time. I am better today because of them.

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