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SERENITY ACRES TREATMENT CENTER LLC, Residential Treatment Facilities / Substance Abuse Disorder Rehabilitation Facility

A facility or distinct part of a facility that provides a 24 hr therapeutically planned living and rehabilitative intervention environment for the treatment of individuals with disorders in the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and other substances.



NPI Number 1730486275
State Identifier(s)
Credentials - Lic #:904138 (Maryland)
Mailing Address Confidential
Business Address 2015 MARTINS GRANT CT
CROWNSVILLE, MD 21032-1932

Phone (240) 277-4802
Primary Specialty Residential Treatment Facilities / Substance Abuse Disorder Rehabilitation Facility
Additional Specialties
Last Modified 02/18/2011
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Comments / Reviews

9/28/2014 - by ANONYMOUS
As a mother, I was very disappointed with how my child was treated at Serenity Acres. It reminded of buying a car and how the sales staff no longer are willing to help once the sale is final. Initially, I trusted the senior staff. But once my check was cashed, everything changed and my child was treated with neglect, indifference, and unprofessional care. Meaningful communications ceased entirely. I recommend families look elsewhere for a quality treatment center.

9/26/2014 - by T HBB
I would choose Serenity Acres or recommend this treatment center for many reasons. First, as soon as I entered the facility, I was greeted by an employee along with a smile. They were happy I made it in along with all the other clients that were currently enrolled in recovery here. I felt welcome and it certainly fit for me. Second, the staff members, counselors, and mental health counselors were a big help because they understood each person’s problem and set goals for their stay here. They were full of experience and went about helping each individual in a respectful manner. Third, each day was full of activities, groups, and meals so that we were constantly focusing on ourselves in a healthy manner, instead of sitting around doing nothing. I have accomplished a lot in so little time. I was also involved in going to the gym and working on my physical appearance, along with every meal being awesome, healthy, and filling. I would choose Serenity Acres over any other rehab I have heard of because it’s a safe place with all kinds of experiences and activities.

9/22/2014 - by GG G
I cannot say enough about the positive impact that my counselor has had on me through our sessions. He showed a sincere and genuine interest in my health, wellbeing, and recovery. He was direct and provided meaningful guidance through the counseling process. He helped me to understand the importance of making positive behavioral changes in recovery. He genuinely cared about my recovery and wanted me to be successful. He worked hard and devoted a significant amount of time to developing a meaningful recovery plan.

9/20/2014 - by JOHN DOE
I strongly recommend prospective patients seek treatment elsewhere. My family had a terrible experience at Serenity Acres Treatment Center, whose shortcomings are many, including poor management, questionable integrity on money matters, inability to cope with basic medical issues, mismanagement of issuing patients prescribed medication, non-existent communications with family members, poor screening of incoming patients (previous users co-located), and staff that are minimally trained, unmotivated, and not professional. If you're looking for a treatment center that collects a big paycheck and does nothing for you, then Serenity Acres is a great choice. Otherwise, recommend you find a more capable facility that is willing to heal you.

9/7/2014 - by JAMIE LORBER
Your basically stuck in a house in a residential neighborhood. Your not even allowed to walk around the house. Your worst enemy here is what eventually turns into almost unbearable boredom.sometimes their food is almost Inedible .to be fair sometimes it was good. We did get almost raw chicken one evening and we all threw it away,no dinner that night. They say it's a luxury rehab but cold cereal for breakfast is not my idea of luxury. On a much more serious note we had a young man In our room who had a grand mall seizure.. We had guys make sure he didn't hurt himself and tried to get help.i told the man who came to call 911 ..he said I heave to call George first.. After ten minutes a patient finally called.when asking for the address none of the three employees knew it.a patient had to run and go through his paperwork to get it.bad food is one thing bout that kind of ineptness can leave you dead . You lose any right to privacy. All calls must be on speaker phone with an employee listening and all mail is opened and yourself or loved one a favor. Don't send them here. Try a class act first like father martins Ashley. That is truly a luxury rehab with a world class reputation at the same price and they don't gouge you for the 250 dollar fee this place does up front for what I was told was a bed fee, or a administrative fee or oh yea a recreation fee. It's just a the guy who owns this place loves very expensive sports cars yourself a favor and run .

4/15/2014 - by BRANDEE
My counselor has made me think about things I never would have done before. He helped me work through things and realize problems in my life that I truly was unaware of. He taught me how to communicate more efficiently, and how to resolve conflict by allowing problems to be resolved in a better format. I would recommend Serenity Acres to anyone! I think it’s a fantastic program and I learned so much about myself in the short amount of time I was there.

3/26/2014 - by SOBER AND HAPPY
I knew I was in great hands from the moment I met the director and took a tour of the Serenity Acres facility. Everyone is a big supportive family at Serenity Acres. The residential coordinators took care of everyone, also the nursing staff and doctor were caring and compassionate towards me. For the first time in my life I became abstinent from all mind altering and mood altering chemicals. Because of Serenity Acres, I believe in my recovery 100% and am committed to working the 12 step program.

3/7/2014 - by SELF WORTH
The variety of activities throughout each day, including the one-on-one counseling, set Serenity Acres apart from other treatment facilities that I have attended. The home like setting made it unique and the staff put forth the effort necessary to show me what I was blind to for so many years. Being at Serenity Acres gave me the time I needed to rediscover myself and it taught me that life can be fun without drugs or alcohol!

2/19/2014 - by JORDANU
The individual program that was created for me, has given me the opportunity to focus on myself. I received real comfort from the staff and environment at Serenity Acres. I was able to relax go through the process of recovery and connect with my inner soul and myself. It made me realize that I am not alone and that there is another way of life besides using.

1/20/2014 - by LIV F
I went into Serenity Acres broken, beaten, and defeated. And I left having a new found strength and serenity. At Serenity Acres I found the simplicity, strength and care, which allowed my eyes to open and my heart to listen. My counselor always helped me put things into perspective—always with a wealth of wisdom and advice. As a former addict herself, she gives me hope that a beautiful life after addiction, does exist and I look forward to a life without drugs and alcohol.

4/24/2013 - by THE STAFF IS THE BEST
Thank you! I can now move forward and live again. I tried other options and went back to my bad habits. At serenity Acres they focused on not just getting me clean, but the reason why I was using. This is why the others did not work and why I am clean today. The staff was experienced and could really relate to me. I was not a number or in large groups. I was surrounded by caring people around the clock. I learned you can have fun and not be using. My family and I can’t thank the staff enough for what they did for me and my family.

4/11/2013 - by NICOLE
The staff was professional and caring. I was struggling and feared for my life. They were able to assist me and my family through this difficult time. I was tired of going in and out of facilities and failing each time. I am better today because of them.

4/11/2013 - by JUDYD
I tried battling my heroin addiction for many years, thinking that it was impossible to ever be free from the hold that it had on me. At Serenity Acres, I learned how to live a healthy life, free of the trap that I had been stuck in for most of my life. Individual therapy everyday really gave me the chance to work on myself, involving my drug use as well as many other underlying issues that had always led me back to using. Not only did I get clean, but I got healthy all around, and learned how to respect and take care of myself. My individualized treatment plan included acupunture, yoga, trips to the gym, sauna therapy, church, adventure therapy, family therapy, 12-step meetings, a nutrition plan, and an amazing support system to help me along this journey. My wish was to be a sober, strong, independent woman, and through my experience at Serenity Acres, my wish has come true. The comfortable environment and family-like community was the perfect start to my life-long recovery.

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