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15228 S 15TH AVE
PHOENIX, AZ85045-1900
 Phone: 602-790-8923


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Home Health

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NPI Profile & details for THERAPY MATTERS, INC.

NPI Number 1033400890
LBN Legal business name THERAPY MATTERS, INC.
Authorized official KYLEE ELOVITZ - (PRESIDENT)
Entity Organization
Organization subpart 1 No
Enumeration date 04/28/2011
Last updated 04/28/2011 - About 5 years ago
AZ License # 2711
1 Some organization health care providers are made up of components that furnish different types of health care or have separate physical locations where health care is furnished. These components and physical locations are not themselves legal entities, but are part of the organization health care provider (which is a legal entity). A covered organization provider may decide that its subparts (if it has any) should have their own NPI numbers. If a subpart conducts any HIPAA standard transactions on its own (e.g., separately from its parent), it must obtain its own NPI number.


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