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Health Care Provider Taxonomy Codes

Last updated July 01, 2019 with Version 19.1

The Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set is a hierarchical code set that consists of codes, descriptions, and definitions. Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Codes are designed to categorize the type, classification, and/or specialization of health care providers.

The Health Care Provider Taxonomy code set is published (released) twice a year on July 1st and January 1st. The July publication is effective for use on October 1st and the January publication is effective for use on April 1st. The time between the publication release and the effective date is considered an implementation period to allow providers, payers, and vendors an opportunity to incorporate any changes into their systems.

Radiologic Technologist - 247100000X

An individual who is trained and qualified in the art and science of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for the purposes of diagnostic medical imaging, interventional procedures and therapeutic treatment.

Bone Densitometry - 2471B0102X

The measurement of bone mass or density; the current methods—single-photon absorptiometry, dual-energy photon absorptiometry, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, are based on tissue absorption of photons derived from either a radionuclide or an X-ray tube; the latter are more accurate with shorter scan time.

Cardiac-Interventional Technology - 2471C1106X

Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology - 2471C1101X

Computed Tomography - 2471C3401X

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - 2471M1202X

Mammography - 2471M2300X

Nuclear Medicine Technology - 2471N0900X

Quality Management - 2471Q0001X

Radiation Therapy - 2471R0002X

Radiography - 2471C3402X

Radiologic Technologist, Sonography - 2471S1302X

Vascular Interventional Technology - 2471V0106X

Vascular Sonography - 2471V0105X

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